A whole new way of Connectivity

Forwarding the learning experience

TURN CONNECT T101 meets all the requirements of a Classmate PC : includes a rotational camera to promote a more engaging and collaborative experience in the classroom, a handle for safe and easy carry and a fanless design that enables a quiet study enviroment.
Features a Snapdragon 7c compute platform that was developed to offer the best interactive and engaging learning experience. The octa-core processor delivers a premium classroom experience, allowing students to be productive and get their work done.

Affordable Connection

Being connected to the world is key within the modern education landscape. Based on the Snapdragon 7c compute platform, TURN CONNECT enables learners to connect to the Internet via cellular network without requiring a wi-fi connection.

Multi-Day Battery Life

No need to worry about running out of battery. With a battery life that lasts for days, students can focus on the important tasks they have on hands.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

TURN CONNECT enables AI to offer new experiences with Vision AI, Voice UI and ASR/NLP, as well as real time speech/ language translation for assisted learning and augmented reality learning experiences.

Light and Rugged

TURN CONNECT was built with rugged features to offer more protection, avoiding frequent repairs and long downtime due to device failure while extending the products life.


TURN CONNECT does not require heavy thermal solutions like fans , providing a much quieter learning environment.

Drop and water resistant

Resistant to drops up to 76cm and resistant to liquid pills up to 330cc (keyboard and touchpad).

4K HDMI Supported

Keep a clear image with up to 4K HDR resolution on external screens through HDMI. The stunning graphics and viewing quality keep students engaged in the learning experience.

WIN 32 Applications

All the applications in the Microsoft Store run on the TURN CONNECT. Microsoft Office applications run optimized on the ARM architecture.